Monday, 29 October 2007

The latest

I've spent the last 5 minutes writing then deleting the opening paragraph to this blog entry in order to get the right balance between being too positive and too negative. My first attempt was, aarrrgghhh!!!!!!!!!

Overall we are heading in the right direction though as usual not as quickly as we would like, our agency rang us today to say that our dossier has arrived in Ust and we should have a rough travel date by the end of the week, we will not however be able to make our flights on the 6th November.

At this stage we are looking at travelling out around the 17th-20th of November, which would mean that our chances of being back for Christmas are practically 0%. This will probably extend our stay in Kazakhstan as the whole country seems to shut down for the first couple of weeks in January. On a more positive note our agency was able to confirm that there are multiple infant girls available in the region.

Once we have a better idea of when we will be travelling we will let you all know, KEEP PRAYING!!

'For with God nothing shall be impossible' luke 1v37

Philip & Amanda

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Julie said...

Will keep praying so as you can meet with your new daughter.