Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Committee Progress...

The last week has actually lasted for 0ne year and we have been going steadily insane with impatience but thankfully we have at last something positive to report!! We've just recieved an email from our agency who tell us that Alma, who is our coordinator in Kazakhstan, has set up a meeting with the MOE for Thursday. They are going to discuss our case and she is confident she will have some feedback for us on Thursday afternoon!

We have also had to put our flight times back again, they are now booked for the 6th November. This is the last time we are going to put them back!!!!!!!!!

Pray that she will have a good meeting with the committee and that they will tell her they are happy to approve our paperwork!

We have Stephen Grant with us in Cardy this week taking children's meetings and ministry meetings, this has been a help in taking our minds off our situation. Tonight we had over 100 children from around the hall in to hear the gospel which is wonderful to see!!

We will report back on Thursday evening with feedback from Alma's meeting with the MOE, KEEP PRAYING HARD!

Philip & Amanda

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