Monday, 1 October 2007

Monday Update

We got the Russian translations of our responses to the Kaz authority questions back this morning and they are now winging their way to our Representative in Kazakhstan via DHL, they should arrive wed/thu.

Once Alma in Kazakhstan receives them she will hand deliver them to the 'Children Rights Protection Committee' and we wait and pray! We have answered their questions as far as UK legislation will allow, not exactly what they want to hear but the best we can do.

We should know quite quickly if they are satisfied and will post once we get an answer.

Amanda's brother Ken is doing a lot better, they have done a number of CAT scans on his head and the bleeding seems to have stopped of its own accord, his headaches also seem to be easing. Thank you to all who prayed for him, it now seems like there is nothing stopping us from getting news soon that we can travel!!!

Pray that our letters will get a good response from the Kaz committee.
Pray that they will make a quick decision and allow us to travel soon.
Pray that we will get clear guidance and direction from God

Philip & Amanda

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