Thursday, 25 October 2007

The Soap Opera Continues.....

Ok, where to start?!?

We got an email this afternoon from Nicole at our agency informing us that we had feedback from the committee, good news and bad news and that she would be in touch soon....

After a lifetime of waiting (2 hours) Nicole rang us with the news, lets get the bad out of the way first...

  • Despite our best efforts the committee is unwilling to allow us to adopt from Almaty.
  • The girl we were hoping to adopt is gone.

'Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord' Thankfully we have good news to report too,

  • We were terrified that the problem we were facing in Almaty would prevent us from adopting anywhere else in Kazakhstan, however the MOE official assured us that this issue was an Almaty issue and we would be free to adopt elsewhere in Kaz.
  • There are a number of infant girls available for adoption in Ust-Kamenogorsk which is a region in the North East of the country. Unlike Almaty this is a region which handles many intercountry adoptions and one where our agency has worked before.
  • They are hopeful that we can get a LOI from this region and still make our flights on the 6th November.

We have been praying that we would have clear guidance on where we should go as a result of this meeting and the Lord has answered our prayers, Almaty is completely closed for us and the little girl we were hoping to meet has been adopted, the little girl we were due to meet in Almaty was suffering with a club foot, if she had been left in the orphanage as a result of our inability to travel it would have made it harder to take, we are thankful that the Lord has intervened and made sure she is with a family who can help her, we can now concentrate fully on travelling to Ust knowing that there are many children available there, we are also travelling to a region which our agency is comfortable with.

Praise the Lord that we have now a positive direction to go in after 6-8weeks of 'limbo'.

Pray that we get our LOI in time to make our flights and that the Lord will continue to lead and guide us.

On a totally unrelated matter, at lunchtime today Amanda noticed a grey hair in my head, i wonder why!!!!

We will keep you posted with the progress on our LOI

Philip & Amanda


Kim said...

I have been following your blog for awhile now but have never commented. After reading this post I just had to comment. My husband and I adopted a baby boy from Ust-Kamenogorsk earlier this year. We traveled there in March to meet our son and brought him home in May.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. So the rollercoaster rolls on!!

Still keeping up with what's happening and still praying.

Love to all

Blair and Elaine