Saturday, 8 September 2007

Back on track!

Watch this space, three weeks from now we should be writing this blog from Kazakhstan!!!

We met with our paediatrician yesterday and she was happy with the limited medical information we have for our child, we would have loved a photo as well but it seems that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get any information from the orphanage prior to travel. All we know at this stage is that she is 4 months old, small but healthy and has a minor correctable problem with her right foot, something which would probably effect her all her life in Kazakhstan but easily fixed here.

We believe that we have been led very definitely by God to this region and this child and we will continue to leave everything in His hands...

Our letter of invitation should arrive around 21st Sept and we hope to be on the 21.15 flight from London to Almaty on Tuesday 25th Sept.

Pray that we can keep on schedule with these dates.
Pray that our daughter will continue to grow and thrive.

We intend to post photos and video clips every day while we are in Kazakhstan, I'm going to attempt to post a short clip of our cot as a wee trial run, hopefully this works!!

Philip & Amanda

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