Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Tuesday Update

We got the second part of of our prayer answered this evening, a very detailed email has just come through from our agency spelling out the specific questions which we need to answer, we have also got an additional contact in Kazakhstan to send the completed info to as well.

We will be in contact first thing in the morning with our Social Services and will try to get an official letter from them addressing the concerns of the Kaz authorities, we also need to write a cover letter from ourselves to go with it, then we need to get both copied, translated and couriered to the contacts in Kazakhstan.

Our prayer on Thursday has been answered, we now need to keep praying that once the authorities in Kazakhstan receive the letter they will make a quick decision and get us under way again.

We would also appreciate prayer for Amanda's brother, he has just been taken into hospital suffering from a brain aneurysm, he will be shortly having keyhole surgery in the Royal Hospital. This was all taking place when we should have been sitting in the departure lounge in Heathrow Airport. He is in control!

Will post again when we get more news.

Philip & Amanda

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Robert Armstrong said...

Be assured we are continuing to follow with payerful interest

Robert & Ruth