Thursday, 13 September 2007

Flights are booked!

"I'd like two seats on flight KC902 from London to Almaty please". It feels quite strange to have actually booked flights, after such a long time spent waiting we are now only a few weeks from being in Kazakhstan.

We managed to catch up with Almat in the Kaz embassy earlier today to find out the lie of the land regarding our visa, we had expected to be required to travel to London the day before our flight to sort it all out, however we were surprised but happy to hear that all we needed to do was turn up at the embassy the morning of our flight and he would give us our visa over the counter.

We also spoke with Alec McLane again tonight, he has our accommodation all sorted out for us, we are going to be staying with 'brother Randal', he has even offered to come with us and carry our bags :) We are looking forward to meeting all the Christians in Almaty after hearing so much about them from Alec's reports!

The only possible fly in the ointment is our letter of invitation, we need this to arrive by Mon 24th at the very latest in order to get our visa on Tue morning and make our flight on Tue evening at 9pm, Alec told us 'of course it will arrive' so we will take his word for it!!!

Pray that the LOI will arrive in time for us to get our visa and make our flights on the 25th.
Pray that our daughter will be preserved and will continue to thrive till we can get there.
Praise God that He has brought us this far and that we are able to stay with Christians during our stay.

Will report back when we hear good news about our LOI

Philip & Amanda

ps thanks to everyone who have left comments and sent emails of support, we really appreciate them.


Maureen Reid said...

WOW how exciting. Of course your LOI will come, whats that verse "He did not bring us out this far to take us back again....." We will pray it to your doorstep!
Love Auntie Mo

PS Hope this comment works this time.

Anonymous said...

Great news!! Was thinking about you yesterday. David West at Perth conference was teaching about parenting and his first verse was "for this child I prayed...".

We'll keep on praying and keep on trusting.

Love Elaine

Stephen Rogers said...

Hey you guys great to hear of the progress and continuing to pray that it all comes together for you. Was enjoying the story of Hannah at the weekend and her longing for a child. Amazing how the painful wait made her so appreciative of God when finally Samuel arrived. Her prayer is amazing. Sometimes he makes us wait but it certainly wasn't easy for her neither is it for you I'm sure...

Love and prayers,

Robert & Ruth said...

We have been following your progress on your blog and living in Africa we know just how frustrating bureaucracy can be. Continuing to pray the Lord will guard you with His peace.
Phil 4: 6-7

Robert & Ruth Armstrong