Thursday, 30 August 2007

Two steps forward.....

And one step back, that's what it feels like at the moment anyway! After being promised photos and more medical information by Mon/Tue of this week we have just found out that the coordinator who works in the Almaty region has been called away on a 'family emergency' for a week. It's frustrating but something which has become all too familiar over the last few years!

The latest news is that our agency will receive the updated info on Mon of next week, Mon just happens to be the Labour Day holiday in America (typical) so we should get the information by Tuesday lunchtime. We already have a meeting set up with our paediatrician on Tue/Wed of next week so it should be in time for that.

Our revised timetable is as follows -

Confirm acceptance of the child after our paediatrician meeting next week.
Apply for letter of invitation which should arrive 20th Sept.
Sort visa and book flights and be in Almaty last week in September.

Pray that our paediatrician will be happy with the latest medical and photos and will give us permission to travel.
Pray that the paperwork will travel quickly.
To keep you all going here is a pic of some kids from an Kazakhstan orphanage :)

Philip & Amanda


Anonymous said...

Avril just gave me this blog address. We are very happy to add our prayers to yours for this little girl. I can't imagine your frustration, but what an amazing journey?!

Shalom, CJ and Brad of the USA

lynsey montgomery said...

hey brilliant news, yous will be home in know time with your new daughter how exciting, God is good..

paul lyns and travis xo

Bigj23w said...

Oh well if paul an lynsey can find the time to leave a comment guess I better! haha bet lynsey wrote it I can spot her bad spelling a mile of (no time), dont tell her I said that. So Its been a long journey for us all, I'm just glad I've been able to be there for you guys every step of the way! I've shared your joy and your pain an yes a few tears! but I know its all gonna be worth while an work out just great an youll both be perfect parents. Thats all for now see you soon.

P.S. My journey with you ends when you get her(leah,sorry manda) home, I aint babysitting an I sure aint changing no nappys!!!