Wednesday, 30 April 2008

One year old.

Bad news for all you ‘caterpillar shuffle’ fans out there, Leah has learnt how to crawl properly! She was making her way across the living room floor yesterday when she suddenly decided to give the whole ‘one knee in front of another’ technique a try, her top speed has now doubled!!

She is also getting very good at walking while holding our hands, we took her to ‘Clarks’ at the weekend to buy her first pair of proper shoes, however her wee feet are still too small so she had to make do with a pair of jelly shoes from Adams! She is also pulling herself up unto her feet on the furniture and when she is feeling particularly brave tries to balance without holding on, her current record before her bum hits the floor is 0.5 seconds!

Have to say a BIG welcome home to one of Leah’s wee mates from our baby room Nora, she was reunited with her Mum and Dad, Bill and Dana Spyker last week and now starts the rest of her wonderful new life in Chicago.

As promised, though a little later than expected, please enjoy the following pictures from Leah’s first birthday extravaganza last week!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Visiting Great Granny D


The Young's said...

Happy Happy Birthday Leah from your friend Leah and her Mom and Dad in NY. Welcome to many more birthdays and a wonderful life surrounded by love from your forever family.

Kristan and Mark said...

Happy birhday! Looks like a great family party for a special little girl.

dnd82001 said...

Happy Happy Birthday littll lady!!


Amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEAH!!!!! Great to see the pictures of Leah enjoying her special day!!