Friday, 18 April 2008

11.9 months old!

Hey all you Leah fans out there, you can stop sending me angry emails now, more photos are on the way!!

We never thought we would say this a few weeks ago but life in Kazakhstan is becoming a distant memory, it now feels like we have known Leah for her whole life!

She is improving every day and since our last post she has put on a few pounds, learnt how to say ‘mama’, is starting to get her first tooth and is beginning to walk with our help, her impression of the John Cleese ‘funny walk’ is hilarious!! She gets so excited seeing and doing new things for the first time, she’s a lot of fun to be around and after only 3 months of knowing her we have already forgotten what life was like without her.

Like a lot of orphanage children she is a child of routine which is great, if we get her into her cot at the right times each day she will sleep right through the night as well as 2-3 hours in the middle of the day. We have learnt from experience that she dosen’t appreciate it when mummy and daddy try to change things, even by only 30mins!!

Her first birthday is in 3 days time so watch this space for some birthday pics next week!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Visiting Granny D's House

"Charlie said I could borrow his dummy, honest"!!


Jane & Shaun said...

We are so pleased to read your update and to hear how your daughter is getting on since arriving home. She looks so different compared to the early photos, you can see how much her health is improving. It is lovely to hear of her progress, so sweet that she can now say 'mama'! We look forward to seeing her very special 1st Birthday photos, we hope you all have a great day. We are now getting very excited about our trip, can't wait...!

Julie said...

Love the new photos. It is great to have an update. We ahve just 12 days until we leave for Thailand to meet out little girl! We are so excited now.
Julie and Steve

Kristan and Mark said...

She's so beautiful but of course you already know that!!

We were in Kaz for three months and I was so surprised at how quickly it became a distant memory. It actually mad me quite sad because although it was not always easy it was such an incredibly special and critical part of our life. I love going back and reading my blog and remembering things I have already forgottne that never thought I would.

Anonymous said...

She is just too cute, such a smile! Can't wait to see those first birthday pictures.

Lou and Mark

Anonymous said...

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