Tuesday, 20 May 2008

New Leah Pics - May

Hey out there, did you think I'd forgotten about you?!?

Leah is doing wonderfully well, she is very close to walking and is getting funnier, nosier and more adventurous every day!

She is also getting a lot more vocal, as well as 'dada, mama, baba' and her usual repertoire of gibberish she has also added 'hiya' and 'bye bye' in the last few days!

Leah is the happiest baby in the world, whether she is playing with her toys, playing with us or flying round the house at 100mph in her walker she is constantly laughing and smiling. She is truly an answer to prayer!

Hope you like her latest pics, i'll do my best to update the blog every month or so.

Philip, Amanda & Leah

"I love swings"

Taking a walk with mummy and daddy

Posing with mummy

Ballywalter Beach

"I can feed myself you know!?!!"


Jane & Shaun said...

We have really enjoyed reading Leah's update and seeing her new photos. She really does look a very happy and contented child.
Having Leah home with you must be your dream come true.
We look forward to next month!

Kristan and Mark said...

Glad she is doing well. She is as cute as ever!

Amy said...

Hi Leah!!! You look so cute and happy! Great to see the pictures!

Sara and Adam said...

So how many strangers have commented that Leah has her Mummy's eyes? She is truly beautiful.
Glad to see you are all enjoying life together!

Karen & Glenn said...

Leah is so adorable, and it is great to know that you are all settline in nicely. I just sent you an email ... trying to sort out if your Leah and our Zak were BFFs a few months back! :-) Looking forward to piecing together some details, although we know you are busy, busy, busy. We will be patient, we promise. :-)