Saturday, 5 April 2008

Ist week home

It’s been exactly a week since we got back and its starting to sink in that we are really home!!

Leah has settled into a routine remarkably quickly and has been sleeping in her cot every night, which was something we were worried about. She is sleeping fantastically well and last night slept from 9pm till 7.30am with no interruptions!! She is also eating loads, she tackles bowls full of mince and potatoes that I would struggle with!

Its impossible to express how good it is too be home, we're loving the simple things like peanut butter on toast and sleeping in our own bed at night!

I'll update again in a few days time with more pictures, in the meantime enjoy!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Arriving at Belfast City Airport 16 hours after leaving Almaty

Room full of family at the airport

Leah and some of her cousins

Leah and her cousin Jacob bullying Granny D

Playing with my new toys!


Anonymous said...

Although your now home - i still have to check the blog regularly - is there any bloggers Anonymous support groups i can join?!?

The whole adoption experience has been so unbelievable and fantastic i think i'll start penning your screen play - we'll call it

"There and back again: An adoption story" (nod to bilbo baggins)

Jennifer Aniston could play amanda and Jackie Chan could play Philip.

See yous' tomorrow

Avril xo

Anonymous said...

We are so thrilled for you three! So great to see your mum and brothers in that photo at the airport Amanda.

May everyday be a blessing!

Lou and Mark

Anonymous said...

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Kristan and Mark said...

Yay, glad she is sleeping the night through so early home! That's wonderful!!

Amy said...

Home Sweet Home. Leah is looking really good! Has she put on some pounds? She doesn't seem to little. Good to hear she is sleeping so well for you. That always makes things a lot more pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Im sitting in school so bored and dull and needed an instant pick me up and this is where I came!!!!
love to all

Anonymous said...

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