Thursday, 16 August 2007

Bumps in the road

The only sure thing about international adoption is that it's unsure, we experienced that again tonight as we found out that the child which we had been matched with in Arkalyk is no longer available, it seems that once her maternal grandmother was informed that she was going to be adopted she decided to take her out of the orphanage and take her home.

Naturally we are disappointed but throughout this journey we have been praying that the Lord would guide us to the exact region, exact orphanage and exact child He wants us to adopt and we believe that this is part of His plan for us, it also means that a child who was placed in an orphanage has been taken home to live with her family again.

Thankfully after delivering the bad news our agency had good news for us as well, they have identified a girl who is available about 1000 miles east of Arkalyk in the former capital city Almaty, they have no further information yet but by Mon/Tue of next week they should be able to confirm her age, health, availability, etc. in greater detail.

We can already see the hand of God, Almaty was always our first region of choice as this is the city where Alex McLean has visited, it is also where Phil Wagner and 'Spiritual Freedom' works however 0ur agency had previously told us it was unlikely as they had never worked there before and the region had only recently reopened for adoption after being closed for a while.

If we do get to travel there it will mean that we will be able to enjoy the fellowship of other Christians during our time in Kazakhstan there is also a chance we will be able to stay in the house owned by Spiritual Freedom. We will also be able to avoid travelling in the country, the Arkalyk trip would have meant an extra return flight plus a 30 hour return train journey!!!

Pray that we will receive good news next week.
Pray that Almaty will be confirmed as our region.
Pray that our paperwork will make its way safely and quickly from Arkalyk to Almaty.

'For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of Him. 1Sam 1v27.

Philip & Amanda

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Leah's Granny D said...

I read this in a commentary and thought it was appropriate:
when God has any special blessing in store for His people, He usually creates in them a longing for it, and yet withholds it from them until all hope of it is dying within them. By this He makes the blessing, when at length it comes, the more surprising and the more welcome, and of dearer delight.

How good to remember that God is in control.

Leah's Granny D xx