Saturday, 25 August 2007

Getting there...

OK, we seem to be getting somewhere, we are almost matched with a little girl in Almaty. Our agency have said that in all the years they have been organising inter-country adoption they have never seen a child this young being made available for adoption before, (we like it when they say things like this as it helps to remind us who is REALLY in control of our situation)!!

She is not quite 4 months old and very very tiny, she was born 5 weeks premature and is still only 8 lbs. However she is gaining weight and growing in all categories and her brief medical states that she is healthy and developing well.

Our next step is a photo and a little more info from Kazakhstan on Tuesday then a meeting with our health trust paediatrician later on that week, if everyone is happy we will get permission to travel and three weeks later we should be in Kazakhstan, woohoo !!!

Pray that the info from Kazakhstan which we receive on Tuesday will be good.
Pray that the meeting with our paediatrician will go well and we will be approved to travel.
Pray that our letter of invitation from Almaty will arrive quickly.
Pray that our little girl will continue to grow and thrive.

I will post an update next week as soon as we have met our health trust.

Philip & Amanda

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