Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Made it to Moscow...

It's 3.02am and we have just arrived at the Hotel Bega! Drove past the Kremlin on the way, any lingering doubts that we were really in Moscow kinda vanished then!!

Will post more tomorrow, just wanted to let everyone know we've arrived safely. Feels very surreal at the moment, lots of memories of our time in Kazakhstan flooding back!

We are meeting the ministry officials tomorrow at 4pm, pray all goes well.

Philip & Amanda.

Part of the Kremlin
Our Hotel 


Springs Landing said...

So exciting. Big huge to the wee one. God Bless.

Springs Landing said...

Meant to say, hug, but huge hug works even better. Thinking and praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

HEY U GUYYYYYSSSSSSS! So here we go again!!! I've been so bored not being able to blog everyday, but I'm back, whoohoo! And it looks like I got here before Bagins!

P.S. Phil don't forget to bring me back one of those Russian items I requested ;)