Friday, 24 July 2009

Belated Birthday Pics

Ok, ok, I know its a little late! Sorry to all those who have mailed wondering when the promised pics of Leahs birthday would arrive but hopefully they have been worth waiting for!!

Leah is great as ever, sleeping in her own 'big girl' bed now and out of nappies (diapers for our American friends)! She is also becoming very girly, LOVES wearing mummies shoes, necklaces, bracelets, etc. She is also a big Disney fan and has almost worn out our Cinderella DVD, i'm also hearing the 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' themesong in my sleep!!
Anyway enough rambling and unto the pics.

Philip, Amanda & Leah

I am 2
Out with my buggy

First camping trip with mum & dad

Playing with Rosie

Keeping cool


Amy said...

What a big girl!! Your Leah's birthday is the same day Karina and I landed back in America. She looks so happy!!

Springs Landing said...

She is beautiful....quite a big girl I would say..not even wearing diapers anymore. Thanks for the pictures. Sandy