Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Leah is Two!!

Wow! Its been a long time since our last update, time flys at 100mph when you're having fun.

Our little Leah turned two on the 21st April, it seems like a long time ago now when we met a little 9month old bundle wrapped in a blue blanket. She is continuing to do fantastically well and seems like she is learning 5 new words per day, its getting hard to get a word in edgeways in my house these days! :)
We are having her party on Saturday so look out for a few new party pics in the next week or so.
Be back soon, enjoy the pictures!
Philip, Amanda & Leah
"Paint the picture Leah, not your face!"
Cheeky Leah
Leah out shopping with Jacob
Leah and Charlie making sandcastles in sunny Portstewart
Leah and Phoebe


Betty, Peterhead said...

Just great to see some pictures of Leah - How she has grown. Was beginning to think you had forgotten about all Leahs fans!! Look forward to see the birthday pictures.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Leah—hope you have lots and lots of fun at your party. It's great to be two.

Anonymous said...

Are we ever going to see those promised pictures of Leah's birthday party...or a summer update? Hint, Hint, Hint

Sandy - Longwood, Florida