Monday, 30 November 2009

Anyone still out there?!

Wow, been a long time since my last post!

Not sure is anyone is still out there but I'll give you a wee update anyway!
Leah is now two and a half and is doing great, shes is talking really well, has an absolute obsession with Disney Princesses (Cinderella in particular), has boundless energy and is a load of fun. She is also unbelievably girly, I had hoped for some tom-boy tendencies but she is into dress's, beads, singing and dancing and definitely not football.

Despite her girlyness however she is also a bit of a dare devil, wants to climb everything in sight and she loves me throwing her in the air as high as possible and pushing her around in her car as fast as my legs can carry me, very tiring being a Dad! :)
Anyway... unto the pics, I promise I'll update at Christmas....

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Cheeky Smile

Meeting Cinderella in Florida

Out for a drive with Jacob

Playing with Rosie

Leahs best Cheesy Smile!


Anonymous said...

Got a message from Amanda recently and it prompted me to check out the blog for any new pictures....glad to hear that you still keep up with the posts somewhat - better than I. Caroline is also into all girl things, especially Tinkerbell, but recently we gave her a Thomas the Train video and now she is obsessed with all the various trains. Go figure! Have a great holiday and will check back in Christmas.

Frank, Sandy and Caroline- Florida

kristen said...

Great to see an update and new pictures! Glad things are going well. Looking forward to Christmas pictures when you're able. Happy Holidays!!

Amy said...

Leah is such a big girl!!! Good to read an update from the Kaz crew of 2008. Say hi to Amanda for me!

Georgenac said...

How blessed you are and what a beautiful family you have. If it's okay, I will check back from time to time in case there is an update. Blessing on you all and greetings from North Carolina, USA. Happy Spring! Georgena

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Anonymous said...

your children are beautiful. I look forward to the next posting. May your God continue to bless you. ghc

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