Tuesday, 1 July 2008

New Leah Pics - June

Can't believe another month has flown past so quickly! We've now been home for three months and Kazakhstan is a distant dream. Leah continues to delight us and seems to learn something new everyday, she is standing pretty well without support now and can manage 3-4 steps before falling over, give her another month or so and she will be flying!
Few pics from our recent visit to Isle of Man. Next months pics are from our trip to Belfast Zoo, watch this space!!

Philip, Amanda & Leah

Amanda swapping babies with her sis.

"this stuff's weird"

Leah pushing Anna around!

Out for a walk with Caitlin and Anna

Leah loving the matching outfits!


The Young's said...

I love love love the smiles. Leah is blessed.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her in the sand she looks really disgusted with it!!! Natalie..x

Kristan and Mark said...

She's cuter every time you post. Love the one in the sand!

Amy said...

Hi Philip and Amanda and Leah!!!! So nice to see new pictures!! Leah looks so happy! So what do you mean Kazakhstan is a distant dream? Aren't you guys gearing up to go back for number 2 yet? ; )

Jane & Shaun said...

Love the new photos and update. You are all looking so happy, such a nice photo of Leah enjoying the sand.

Dolfi said...

What's a surprise!!!
I am Adolfina, Ayana's mummy, from Spain. I am sure you remember me because we share some special moments, like the court...
Well, I was looking for about Ust-K. and... I have found you!!!
I am so happy!!!
Sorry for may bad English and for not write you before. You three are every day in my mind, of course!!!