Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Documents nearly in Russia!!

Since our last post we have finally got our full adoption dossier completed and notarized in Belfast, then sent off to the FCO office in England to be legalized, then back from the FCO 2 days later with word that 8 of our docs couldn't be legalized, then spent a few days tracking down replacement documents, then back to the notary in Belfast, back to the FCO, back to us and then finally out to our agency in America, phew!!

Our agency will spend a couple of days reviewing our dossier before sending it out to Russia. After their workers in Russia have checked it over we have been told to expect a referral in one to three months, back to patiently waiting....

Keep you posted on any fresh developments!

Philip, Amanda & Leah


Kim said...

What fantastic news!!

Reidybunch (mike&lou) said...

waiting patiently is something you have a lot of practice in and God knows you are good at it (He taught you!!)
This is fab news!
Looking forward to the next update and the story to follow! Xxx

Anonymous said...

So excited to see that you two are going back to get a second "wee" one!!

Anonymous said...

It is Amy by the way from Ust!!